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    Links to External Sites

    PyMOL Scripts, Programs, and Tips

    Cameron Mura's PyMOL Page: includes helpful examples
    eMovie: a storyboard-based tool for making molecular movies: by Eran Hodis, Gideon Schreiber, Kristian Rother and Joel L. Sussman
    Robert Campbell's PyMOL Script Repository: a great collection of scripts for coloring and crystallography.
    Kristian Rother's Scripts at Bioinformatik: including ScriptBox, a one-click script launching tool.
    Gareth Stockwell's PyMOL Scripts at the EBI: density slider, rendering, movies, etc.
    Movie HOWTO page (David Cooper)

    Open-Source PyMOL Ports

    Fink: Open-Source PyMOL for Mac OS X.
    GNU/Darwin: Michael Love's port of Open-Source PyMOL and many other scientific software packages.
    Debian:Open-Source PyMOL for Debian (Ubuntu).
    Fedora Open-Source PyMOL for Fedora (RedHat).

    Tools Enhanced with PyMOL: Open-Source and Open-Access

    DynMap: a python- based program that generates maps of functional groups in a protein and visualizes them using dynamic parameters (Giacomo Bastianelli)
    Sequence to Structure: display, manipulate, and interconnect RNA data from a sequence to structure (Fabrice Jossinet)
    STRAP: sequence alignment tool (Christophe Gille)
    NUCCYL: high-quality nucleic acid cartoons (Luca Jovine)

    Tools Enhanced with PyMOL: Closed-Source and Restricted Access

    Flexweb: Analysis of Flexibility in Biomolecules and Networks: provides PyMOL scripts for analyzing protein flexibility and dynamics.
    PLANET: A Metaphorics Cabinet Server (Metaphorics LLC)

    Image and Animation Galleries

    The Yale Morph Server: using PyMOL for some animations.
    AISMIG: An Interactive Server-side Molecular Image Generator

    Software Packages that Interoperate with PyMOL

    Maestro (Schrödinger): PyMOL reads Maestro files; a Maestro Plugin is available.
    CCP4: a top crystallography package. PyMOL reads binary CCP4 maps.
    PHENIX: another top crystallography package; PyMOL integrates with PHENIX in various ways.
    CNS: another top crystallography package; PyMOL reads ASCII format CNS / X-PLOR maps.
    Molscript (Avatar Software): although PyMOL supercedes Molscript in many ways, Molscript still generates uniquely beautiful geometries that can be fed into PyMOL (or Raster3D) for viewing and rendering.
    MMTK: a Python-based Molecular Modeling Tool-Kit