Animate Molecules Dynamically

PyMOL now makes it easier than ever to create animations, enabling users to convey molecular results with more impact. Watch the following movies for a glimpse of PyMOL's animation capabilities:

Improved Moviemaking Interface


PyMOL's new graphical user interface for movie-making allows users to create molecular animations without typing any commands. Objects and cameras can be moved around a scene in tandem, or independently of each other, to create a movie while PyMOL handles the mathematical details in the background.

PyMOL also ships with RigiMOL, an animation tool for molecular visualization. RigiMOL includes a number of pre-programmed menus that allow users to
easily create a molecular morph between two input
structures and then export the data for sharing. 

Refinements Aid in Analyzing Results

Movies can be programmed  to smooth data, illustrate hydrogen bond ephemerality, and even simulate slow motion. PyMOL's moviemaking capability smoothly transitions from scene to scene so that the audience continues to have a frame of reference during perspective changes.

Compare the following movies: