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PyMOL v2.1 Release Notes

Release Date: March 13, 2018


  • plugins initialized by default (can be suppressed with -k)
  • command parser: improve exception handling
    • .pml script line number in tracebacks
    • suggestions for misspelled words
    • better readable tracebacks
  • Python API: auto library mode (no pymol.finish_launching() necessary)
  • pdb_echo_tags for mmCIF and MMTF (title only)
  • improved PSE import dialog
  • stick_round_nub for COLLADA export
  • improve coordinate loading from mmcif chem_comp files
  • new selection keywords polymer.protein and polymer.nucleic
  • Multi-file export
    • File > Export Molecule > Multi-File
    • new multifilesave command
  • new diagnostics command: Quick platform and environment summary for troubleshooting
  • brings back the window command
  • dx map import: support skewed delta and “type float”
  • store viewport in session files (only restored in headless mode)
  • MMTF export

Features (Incentive PyMOL only)

Bug Fixes

  • stereo auto-detection on Linux
  • “-R” launch flag for RPC server
  • alt-codes can't be aligned (or morphed) to non-alt-codes
  • “enabled” in name pattern doesn't consider parent group
  • fix “h_add”: skip missing coordinates
  • fix poor multi-state isosurface performance
  • cif parser: support “.” and “?” as string values


PyMOL v2.1.1 Hotfix Notes (April 9, 2018)

  • fix crash on Windows when saving COLLADA or STL
  • fix crash loading reduced 5ijo.mmtf
  • fix multi-state CGO movie crash
  • ignore zero-order bonds in neighbor lookup, this could cause wrong bond order guessing in distance based bonding
  • volume panel: fix zoom (CTRL+R-Drag) and value input (R-Click)
  • fix typo in default_phenix_no_fill_names setting default value
  • add simple conda wrapper for PyMOL command line
  • Help > Check for Updates
  • read crystal symmetry from .mae files
  • suppress false positive error with matrix_copy and symmetry_copy
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