PyMOL v2.3 Release Notes

Release Date: Feb 11, 2019


Features (Incentive PyMOL only)

  • Builder panel: Nucleotides
  • APBS plugin: support RNA out-of-the box (use residue names RA, RC, RG, RU)
  • MAE user label support
  • MAE import dialog: Expose “Multiple entries” option
  • Properties are loaded by default now (new settings defaults):
    • load_object_props_default=”*”
    • load_atom_props_default=”*”


Runtime (conda packages)

  • Bundles with Python 3.7

Bug Fixes

  • Picking with use_shaders=off and lines/nonbonded
  • Display SPC waters in presets
  • Don’t ignore insertion codes when reading CMS files
  • Ambient occlusion random patchiness
  • dynamic_measures updated when doing alignments
  • fix “rebuild” memory leak
  • MPEG4 export pixelated (anaconda::ffmpeg vs. conda-forge::ffmpeg)
  • legacy plugins: fix crash with modal dialogs (macOS and Windows)
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