Develop with JyMOL

The JyMOL product has been discontinued and is not available anymore

JyMOL, a Java-based development component, enables developers to easily create molecular visualization programs, browser applets, and JavaWS applications, replacing the visualization expert otherwise needed to build a specialized visualization component. The JyMOL API was designed to obviate the learning curve for users familiar with the PyMOL API. A JyMOL license provides all the tools needed to rapidly achieve a desired solution, saving development time and costs.

JyMOL Licensing

A JyMOL license includes:

  • Cross-platform (Windows, Linux and Mac) Java libraries for JyMOL integration
  • Javadoc documentation
  • Java demo code & examples
  • Java API for development


Schrödinger offers subscription-based technical support for JyMOL.  Please contact for more information.

Schrödinger also sponsors a free e-mail support group for developers.  Please visit to join the list and discuss Java/JyMOL with like-minded developers.