PyMOL is a powerful and comprehensive molecular visualization product for rendering and animating 3D molecular structures. Explore PyMOL features by navigating the panel to the right.

Incentive PyMOL Software Package

PyMOL's Measurement Wizard

Although PyMOL is built on an open-source platform, compiling PyMOL, integrating third party tools, and learning PyMOL can be difficult.  Incentive PyMOL is a packaged software product that makes it easy to become a PyMOL user. By purchasing Incentive PyMOL, you support development and receive the following benefits. Educational subscriptions are available at no cost to full-time students and educators teaching full-time students.

Easy installation

  • Automated Microsoft Installer for Windows
  • Mac OS X "drag & drop"


  • Access to e-mail and phone support by Schrödinger Technical Support
  • Incentive documentation that comprehensively covers PyMOL features and updates
  • Narrated screencasts and step-by-step tutorials

Built-in Tools

  • FreeMOL, including the APBS (Adaptive Poisson-Boltzmann Solver) Plugin for PyMOL
  • RigiMOL, a proprietary molecular morphing software product
  • Open-source implementation of the MMFF94 (Merck Molecular Force Field)
  • MPEG encoder for simplified moviemaking

Additional Conveniences

  • Clipboard support for copying and pasting of images in Windows and Mac
  • A "one window" native user interface with a Tcl/Tk/X11 option (MacPyMOL)
  • Direct export of QuickTime movies (Mac only)
  • For Schrödinger Users: PyMOL for Maestro to easily export data to PyMOL
  • Built-in MTZ Map Reading (and auto loading)
  • Stereochemical labeling (R/S enantiomers)
  • Improved atom typing (MOL2 and MacroModel)
  • Improved real-time rendering quality
  • Improved real-time rendering speed
  • Improved 'undo' command
  • Optimized anaglyph coloring
  • New mouse modes for moving lights
  • Ambient occlusion
  • Surface color smoothing
  • Improved feedback on the 'clean' command
  • Reads compressed PyMOL session files and compressed Maestro files
  • ...and more