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Application Configuration Options

Global Options

These options are designed to change a number of settings in order to achieve specific behaviors

  • -A1 or -a1 → launch as a molecular viewer window with no user interface visible.
    pymol -a1 1tii.pdb -d 'as cartoon'
  • -A3 or -a3 → launch as a molecular viewer window with only the internal user interface visible.
  • -A5 or -a5 → launch as a molecular viewer window configured for use as a helper application (with output suppressed, interrupts disabled, etc.).
  • -A6 or -a6 → launch in full-screen presentation mode with no external GUI present.
  • -h → launch using the old helper application settings (these days, use -A5 instead).

Customization Options

  • -c → launch in command-line only mode for batch processing.
  • -f number → show number lines of text input and output in the display window (default: 1).
  • -F → do not show any text input or output lines in the display window.
  • -i → turn off the internal GUI.
  • -N external-gui-name → use the named external GUI module (default: pmg_tk).
  • -P → handle scenes as if the session were opened in presentation mode.
  • -T skin-name → launch external GUI using the indicated skin (default: normal).

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