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Stereo Configuration

  • -B → enable blue-line stereo 3D display (MacPyMOL only).
  • -M → force use of a monoscopic OpenGL context even on stereo-capable hardware. This can save resources and/or boost performance.
  • -j → activate “Geowall” based stereo 3D visualization.
  • -S → attempt to activate a specific stereo 3D capability even if the display can't be detected as supporting stereo 3D.
  • -St number → forces use of a specific stereo 3D mode (values are below)
1 quadbuffer
2 crosseye
3 walleye
4 geowall
5 sidebyside
6 stencil by row (Zalman)
7 stencil by column
8 checkerboard (3D HDTV)
10 anaglyph (red/cyan)

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