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Draft Manual Chapters

Early installments

These preview chapters are intended to get new PyMOL users up and running quickly, without plodding through a formal review of every detail. They are planned as part of a comprehensive manual, so you may find references to future chapters that are not yet included here. Nonetheless, we think they will be helpful in their current form, especially to new users. Please email with any constructive feedback you might have on these documents.

The PDF files linked below range from 3 to 10 MB, so we suggest that you right-click and save the file to your local disk before opening them.

Hitting the Ground Running, Part 1 (33 pages)

Hitting the Ground Running, Part 2 (26 pages).

Typed Commands (23 pages).

Expressing Selections (24 pages).

We recommend Adobe Reader 8.x or higher for viewing these files.

Only for sponsors

These are incentive products for PyMOL sponsors. Please do not post them publicly or otherwise share them with the general public. Incentive products, such as this manual, are exclusively for PyMOL sponsors, and sponsors are what make possible PyMOL’s continued development, documentation, and support.

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