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OpenGL Shaders

This information is valid for PyMOL v1.4.0. Please see PyMOL Rendering Engine Improvements for later builds.

PyMOL v1.4.0 and Prior

OpenGL shaders are a different way to render images. Instead of using the fixed pipeline of GL-based light models and effects, the lights and effects can be customized on the video card. This yields increases in rendering speed and allows for a great variety of effects.

PyMOL v1.4.0 and prior currently has shaders disabled by default. To turn on shaders

  • set use_shaders, 1 # global shader setting
  • set cartoons_use_shader, 1 # per representation setting
  • set sticks_use_shader, 1 # per representation setting
  • set surface_use_shader, 1 # per representation setting
  • set ribbon_use_shader, 1 # per representation setting
  • for spheres, set sphere_mode, 9 (ARB) or set sphere_mode, 5 (GLSL)
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