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Introductory Screencasts

All videos require Adobe Flash Player version 8 or higher in order to view and hear.

Access to the videos only available if logged in to with a PyMOL subscription

User Interface

Part 1: lower window, including the 3D viewer.
Part 2: upper window, including menus, buttons, and text.

Basic Mouse Controls

Part 1: rotation, translation, and zooming using left, middle, and right drag.
Part 2: centering by middle-clicking and releasing.
Part 3: clipping using the scroll wheel.

Selecting Atoms

Part 1: left-clicking to select, and coloring a selection.
Part 2: the default selection, (sele).
Part 3: renaming selections to save them.


Part 1: measuring distances.
Part 2: measuring distances (continued).
Part 3: measuring angles.
Part 4: measuring dihedrals.

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