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Screenshots & Layout


: Press this button in the upper left hand corner to access the Structure List and the Remote Data Menu

: Press this button in the upper right hand corner to change representations of the currently displayed entries

: Press this button in the upper right hand corner to access Settings

Interacting and Gestures

  • 1 finger dragged across the screen moves the camera around a central point of view (rotations)
  • 1 finger tapped on the screen will select atoms based on the selection mode (atoms, residues, molecules, etc)
  • 1 finger long-press in the viewing area will bring up a context-sensitive menu from which one operates on selected atom
  • 2 fingers dragged across the screen translates the camera in the scene (translation)
  • 2 fingers pinched zoom in/out (zoom)
  • 2 fingers “volume knob” style twist will rotate the camera about the Z-axis
  • 3 fingers dragged up/down will increase/decrease the clipping slab thickness

Tip: In the Structures List, long-pressing on any enabled entry will zoom that entry into view. Tip: Remove entries from the Structure List by swiping your finger across the entry.


PyMOL can upload images to Dropbox. PyMOL can also download any type of file from Dropbox.

Linking PyMOL to Dropbox

  1. From the “Remote” menu, click “PyMOL Dropbox”.
  2. A Dropbox screen will appear asking for permission to allow PyMOL to access Dropbox. Enter the email address you associated with Dropbox. Click Allow.
  3. PyMOL will reappear. You now have access to Dropbox from within PyMOL on the iPad.

Once the link is made, Dropbox creates an “Apps” (/Apps) folder for you in your Dropbox root folder. Inside of there, Dropbox then creates the “PyMOL” (/Apps/PyMOL) folder. Use the native client on your machine and place all files you want accessible to PyMOL inside the /Apps/PyMOL folder.

Downloading from Dropbox

  1. From the “Remote” menu, click “PyMOL Dropbox”
  2. navigate to your files and click on the file you'd like to view

Uploading images to Dropbox

  1. Click, Settings > View
    1. Click Save Screenshot to Dropbox


  1. Click, Settings > View
    1. Click Ray Trace
      1. Click Save to Dropbox, when the ray tracing is done

Uploading Files to Dropbox

PyMOL can only upload images to Dropbox. At this time, to upload structure data you need to visit and manage your files from there or use the a native Dropbox client.

PyMOL Enterprise Server

PyMOL on the iPad is the only enterprise-targeted mobile visualization app. Aside from delivering great graphics and a professionally designed interface, we're the first to give our customers direct mobile access to their enterprise data through the “PyMOL Enterprise Server” ( Other mobile visualization apps let you download from the PDB or PubChem; but, how useful is that for our customers? It's not: in no way does access to the PDB better inform our customers about their latest project data. What they need is seamless and secure access to their own data on-the-go. That's what the PyMOL Enterprise Server gives them.

The PyMOL Enterprise Server simply sits between their databases and Mobile PyMOL. It handles requests and can aggregate information from any back-end database from which data can be extracted (eg. Seurat, Oracle, Proasis, a directory of files, MySQL, etc). It uses SSL so it's secure. It will also be integrated into PyMOL, so the same level of access will be available across platforms. And, because we can convert MOE files to PyMOL Session Files (PSE) the easiest way to view a MOE file on the iPad will be through Mobile PyMOL!

Public Demo Server

PyMOL on the iPad ships with a fully functioning client to the PyMOL Enterprise Server. The default server is the public Demonstration PyMOL Enterprise Server. Feel free to peruse the data on this server. If you would like a custom copy of this server for your organization, please email for a quote.

  • alias: PyMOL Server
  • host :
  • port : 7970
  • path : /resources
  • encryption : ON
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