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  • getObjectNames(mode, name, enabled_only ) gets names of all or enabled objects in the JyMOL workspace.


mode is used to select certain types of objects. Its value is an integer that can be: all(0), objects(1), selections(2), public(3), public_objects(4), public_selections(5), public_nongroup_objects(6), public_group_objects(7), nongroup_objects(8), or group_objects(9)

name is a pattern that is used as a filter for the return object names. By default, it uses “*”, which returns all names.

enabled_only is whether this function returns only the enabled objects (false by default).



will return a String array of all objects in the JyMOL workspace.

See Also

getObjectNames() works in a similar way to the PyMOL command cmd.get_names.

Note : Please look at the JyMOL Java API to see a description of these parameter options.

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