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  • mapNew(name, type, grid_spacing, selection, state, normalize, zoom, quiet ) Creates or updates a map object.


name is the name of the new map object.

type is the map type (vdw(0), coulumb(1), gaussian(2), coulomb_neutral(3), couloub_local(4), or gaussian_max(5).

grid_spacing is the grid spacing (uniform in all directions).

selection is a target selection of the map.

state specifies the state.

normalize is not yet supported.

If zoom is negative, then the current auto_zoom setting will be used. Otherwise, 1 will cause the camera to zoom in on the object, and 0 will leave the camera where it is.

If quiet is false, then diagnostic output may be sent to standard output.


	jymol.cmd.load("1rx1.pdb", "filename", "pdb", "1rx1");
	jymol.cmd.mapNew("tempMap", 2, .5f, "1rx1", 0, 1, 0, false);
	jymol.cmd.rampNew("colorRamp", "tempMap", new float[] { -1.f, 0.f, 1.f}, "red white blue");
	jymol.cmd.hide("everything", "1rx1");"surface", "1rx1");
	jymol.cmd.color("colorRamp", "1rx1");
	jymol.cmd.zoom("1rx1", 3.f);

will create a JyMOL session that looks like this:

See Also

mapNew() works the same way as the PyMOL command map_new in the PyMOL api.

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