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setButtonMode Command

  • setButtonMode( mode ) sets the button mode for the JyMOL workspace.


mode : The mode is the name of a pre-defined button mode that is changed to. Possible values are:

value description
defaultThe default button mode in JyMOL
three_button_maestroMouse mappings that match Schrodinger Maestro
three_button_viewingPyMOL 3 Button Viewing
three_button_editingPyMOL 3 Button Editing
three_button_motionsPyMOL 3 Button Motions
two_button_viewingPyMOL 2 Button Viewing
two_button_selectingPyMOL 2 Button Selecting
two_button_editingPyMOL 2 Button Editing
one_button_viewingPyMOL 1 Button Viewing



will set the button functions in JyMOL to mimic Maestro.

See Also

setButtonMode() works in a similar way (but with different arguments) as the PyMOL command config_mouse in the PyMOL api.

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