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PyMOL v1.6.0


  • Completed OpenGL engine update; improved graphics performance.
  • High-speed fonts, indicators, and 2D drawables (menus)


  • Support sweep_angle setting with “Program > Scene Loop” Nutate/Rock
  • Add bz2 support for reading PDB/MAE/MOE/… files
  • New command line argument “-y”: Exit on error
  • Settings
  • iterate and alter have improved performance
  • Support object=aln argument with alignto command
  • VMD plugins have been updated
    • A > generate > morph
    • Multi-state morphs
  • New commands: split_chains, mse2met
  • “ramps” in C (color) menu
  • Arbitrary object-level and atom-level properties
  • Mouse wheel scrolls object-menu-panel and other scrollable widgets
  • Spectrum command enhanced to take color lists like spectrumany and the new properties as expression
  • vdW bumps are now saved to, and can be loaded from session files

Bug Fixes

  • ANISOU records are now saved if present
  • Better tracking of hydrogens when editing with the Builder
  • Fixed alignment objects from “super” do not contain N atoms (SF-3506103)
  • Writing PDB files
  • Fixed crash when loading with connect_mode=2
  • Fixed shortcut auto-completion with exact prefixes
  • Feedback fixes
  • Leading whitespace in LITERAL parsing mode
  • Read last ANISOU record
  • Scripts ending on “” (
  • Cealign alignment object: support for multiple alignments (swapped arguments internally)
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