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PyMOL v1.7.2.0 Notes

Release Date: August 4, 2014.



  • volume now takes a ramp as its third argument
  • volume_color can color volumes by custom ramps and ramp presets
  • volume_ramp_new can register a new volume ramp preset
  • desaturate desaturates colors
  • join_states creates a multi-state object from multiple objects
  • alphatoall transfers atom properties from the CA atoms to the full residue
  • loadall loads all files from a file name pattern
  • centerofmass calculates the center of mass
  • extra_fit performs a many-to-one alignment
  • api queries API details about a command


  • mmCIF loading improvements:
    • multi-model support
    • read secondary structure
  • iterate/alter/label “s.” setting autocompletion
  • better internal GUI menu performance by submenu callable support
  • run pml and py script with “load”
  • support ccp4 maps with mode 0 and 1
  • Simple text editor to edit pymolrc (Tk GUI: File > Edit pymolrc)


Bug Fixes

  • fix distorted labels with stereo walleye/crosseye
  • fix atom properties: assign empty string
  • fix cartoon picking doesn't honor masking atoms/objects
  • fix: cyclic nucleotide was marked as polymer

PyMOL v1.7.2.1 Hotfix Notes

  • reimplemented volume carving
  • revert opaque_background support for “draw” since it broke background color in real-time rendering (always black)

PyMOL v1.7.2.2 Hotfix Notes

  • Fixed mouse wheel operations on Windows for non-maximized viewer window
  • Fixed broken “putty” cartoons

PyMOL v1.7.2.3 Hotfix Notes

  • Fixed ray tracing “dots” representation
  • Fixed SMAA (antialias_shader=2) for Nvidia cards
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