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Adjusting the Clipping Planes

To decrease the thickness of the visible slab, role the scroll wheel downward (towards you). To increase the width of the slab, role the scroll wheel upward (away from you).

Modifier keys can affect the clipping plane as follows:

Keyboard Scroll Wheel Action
No Modifier Key Pressed Expands or Shrink Slab
Shift Key Pressed Moves Slab Relative to Camera
Ctrl Key Pressed Moves Camera and Slab Together
Ctrl and Shift Keys Pressed Zooms the Camera

An Alternate Method of Adjusting the Clipping Planes

If you do not have a wheel mouse, you can instead hold down the Shift key and click-and-drag using the right mouse button. In this case, vertical movement controls the near clipping plane and horizontal movement controls the far clipping plane.

When the mouse is in “3-Button Editing” Mode, shift-right-click-and-drag is assigned to another action. Please use ctrl-shift-right-click-and-drag instead.

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