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Rendering Large Structures

Gotcha #1: Too Much Complexity in Your Scene

Complexity determines how much memory is required to render it. In very rough terms, the ray tracer requires a minimum of 2 GB per million triangles rendered, although much more RAM can be required depending on current settings.

To find out how many primitives your scene contains, issue:

ray renderer=2

On a 32-bit Windows XP-based PC, processes are limited to 2 GB of address space regardless of how much memory your computer has. Thus, it is difficult to render a scene with more than a million triangles on such a system.

On 32-bit Linux or Macintosh systems, provided that you have at least 4 GB of RAM, you can usually render scenes up to about 2.5 million triangles.

On 64-bit systems, provided that you use a 64-bit executable, it is the amount of physical memory you have that will typically be limiting. Note that 32-bit executables are limited to 4 GB or less, even when running on 64-bit systems.

Reducing Complexity

The easiest way to reduce scene complexity is to simplify the representations used. Spheres are the simplest representation and require the least memory to render.

set sphere_mode, 1
as spheres
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