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The following settings control camera animation in response to various mouse clicks as well as commands such as zoom, orient, and center. See scene for the camera animation settings involved in scene transitions.

  • animation (boolean, default: on) controls whether or not the camera is smoothly interpolated between views.
  • animation_duration (float, default: 0.75) controls the default duration of animation for changes in view (note: scene_animation_duration controls the timing of scene transitions.

The following settings control the camera geometry and window.

  • field_of_view (float: 1-179:, default: 20.0) determines the vertical field of view for the window, in degrees.
  • full_screen (boolean, default: off) returns whether or not PyMOL is in full screen mode. You must use full_screen to change this setting.
  • orthoscopic (boolean, default: off) controls whether or not the perspective transformation is used.
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