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  • mesh_carve_cutoff (float, default: 0.0) carves all mesh beyond this cutoff from the value in mesh_carve_selection
  • mesh_carve_selection (string, default: 0.0) the selection about which to carve the mesh representation.
  • mesh_carve_state (integer, default: 0.0) the state from which to carve meshes.
  • mesh_clear_cutoff (float, default: 0.0)
  • mesh_carve_selection (float, default: 0.0)
  • mesh_clear_state (integer, default: 0) the state from which to carve meshes.
  • mesh_color (color, default: -1) is the color of the mesh representation.
  • mesh_grid_max
  • mesh_mode (integer, default: 0) controls what atoms are considered when generating the mesh:
    • 0 = consider atoms based on their ignore and exfoliate flags.
    • 1 = consider all atoms
    • 2 = condider only non-hydrogen atoms
  • mesh_negative_color (color, default: default) inside mesh color
  • mesh_negative_visible (boolean, default: true) controls whether or not the inside of the mesh is shown.
  • mesh_quality (integer, default: 2) is a tuning parameter that should not need to be modified.
  • mesh_radius (float, default: 0.0) if greater than zero, controls the radius of the mesh representation when ray tracing. Otherwise, the radius is computed from mesh_width.
  • mesh_skip (integer, default: 0)
  • mesh_solvent (boolean, default: off) controls whether the mesh is generated for a solvent accessible surface as opposed to the default molecular surface.
  • mesh_type (integer: 0-1,default: 0) controls what type of mesh is generated:
    • 0 = wire
    • 1 = points
  • mesh_width (float, default: 1.0) controls the default width of the mesh.
  • min_mesh_spacing (float, default: 0.6) controls the minimum mesh spacing.
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