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  • ribbon_color (color, default: -1) controls the color of the ribbon representation.
  • ribbon_nucleic_acid_mode (integer 0-4, default:0) controls how the nucleic acid backbone is drawn:
    • 0: through phosphorus
    • 1: through C4* carbon of the ribose ring
    • 2: through phosphorus with 3' extension
    • 3: through phosphorus with 5' extension
    • 4: through phorphorus with both 3' and 5' extensions
  • ribbon_power (float, default: 2.0) affects ribbon shape.
  • ribbon_power_b (float, default: 0.5) affects ribbon shape.
  • ribbon_radius (float, default: 0.0) if greater than 0.0, controls the radius used when rendering the ribbon.
  • ribbon_sampling (integer, default: 1) controls how many segments are used between the guide points.
  • ribbon_side_chain_helper (boolean, default: off) controls whether or not atom and bond representations are automatically hidden for main chain atoms when the ribbon is shown.
  • ribbon_smooth (boolean, default: -1) controls whether or not the ribbon representation is drawn with smooth (antialiased) lines.
  • ribbon_throw (float, default: 1.35) affects ribbon shape.
  • ribbon_trace_atoms (boolean, default: off) controls whether or not the ribbon representation traces through all atoms or just guide atoms.
  • ribbon_width (float, default: 3.0) controls the thickness of the ribbon representation in pixels.
  • trace_atoms_mode (integer, default: 5) controls how chain breaks are found when tracing atoms.
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