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“button” can be used to redefine what the mouse buttons do.


button button, modifier, action


button = left, middle, right, wheel, double_left, double_middle, double_right, single_left, single_middle, or single_right

modifiers = None, Shft, Ctrl, CtSh, CtAl, CtAl, CtAS,

actions = None, Rota, Move, MovZ, Slab, +Box, -Box, Clip, MovS, +/-, PkAt, Pk1, MvSZ, Sele, Orig, Menu, PkAt, Pk1 RotO, MovO, MvOZ, MovA, PkAt, PkTB, MvSZ MvAZ, DrgM, RotZ, PkBd, ClpN, ClpF


Changes made using the button command are easily overridden when the user iterates through the mouse modes. This behavior needs to be changed.

Obsolete actions: lb, mb, rb, +lb, +mb, +rb, +lbX, -lbX,

Unsupported, Internal, or Future Actions: RotD, MovD, MvDZ, RotF, MovF, MvFZ, TorF, RotV, MovV, MvVZ, DgMZ, DgRT

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