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“group” creates or updates a group object: a container for organizing objects into a hierarchy.


group name [, members [, action ]]


name = string: name of the group

members = string: space-separated list of objects to include in the group

action = add, remove, open, close, toggle, auto, ungroup, empty, purge, excise


group kinases, 1oky 1pkg 1t46 1uwh 1z5m 
group kinases, open 
group kinases, close 


Group objects can typically be used as arguments to commands. In such cases, the command should be applied to all members of the group. If the group is used as a selection, then all atoms in all objects in the group should be included in the selection.

When a group objects is open, objects can be added or removed from the group by right-clicking and dragging in the control panel.

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