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“isomesh” creates a mesh isosurface object from a map object.


isomesh name, map, level [, selection [, buffer [, state [, carve ]]]]


name = the name for the new mesh isosurface object.

map = the name of the map object to use for computing the mesh.

level = the contour level.

selection = an atom selection about which to display the mesh with an additional “buffer” (if provided).

state = the state into which the object should be loaded (default=1) (set state=0 to append new mesh as a new state)

carve = a radius about each atom in the selection for which to include density. If “carve” is not provided, then the whole brick is displayed.


If the mesh object already exists, then the new mesh will be appended onto the object as a new state (unless you indicate a state).

state > 0: specific state state = 0: all states state = -1: current state

source_state > 0: specific state source_state = 0: include all states starting with 0 source_state = -1: current state source_state = -2: last state in map

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