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“matrix_copy” copies a transformation matrix from one object to another.


matrix_copy source_name, target_name


This command is often used after a protein structure alignment to bring other related objects into the same frame of reference.

See Also


# load two related structures

fetch 1ce5 1c5p, async=0
remove hydrogen or solvent
show sticks, organic

# extract inhibitors out into their own objects

extract 1ce5_inh, 1ce5 and organic
extract 1c5p_inh, 1c5p and organic

# superimpose 1ce5 onto 1c5p (note that the inhibitor is left behind)

align 1ce5////CA, 1c5p////CA

# now transform the 1ce5 inhibitor to match the protein

matrix_copy 1ce5, 1ce5_inh

Advanced Usage

matrix_copy source_name, target_name [, source_mode [, target_mode [, source_state [, target_state [, target_undo [, log [, quiet]]]]]]

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