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“scene” saves and restores scenes. A scene consists of the camera view, all object activity information, all atom-wise visibilities, all atom-wise colors, all representations, the global frame index, and may contain a text message to display on playback.


scene [key [,action [, message, [ new_key=new-key-value ]]]]


key = string, new, auto, or *: use new for an automatically numbered new scene, use auto for the current scene (if one exists), and use * for all scenes (clear and recall actions only).

action = store, recall, insert_after, insert_before, next, previous, update, rename, or clear: (default = recall). If rename, then a new_key argument must be explicitly defined.

message = string: a text message to display with the scene.

new_key = string: the new name for the scene


scene * 

scene F1, store 
scene F2, store, Please note the critical hydrogen bond shown in yellow. 

scene F1 
scene F2 

scene F1, rename, new_key=F5 


Scenes F1 through F12 are automatically bound to function keys provided that “set_key” has not been used to redefine the behaviour of the respective key.

See Also

Advanced Usage

scene key [,action [,message [ ,view [,color [,active [,rep [,frame [, animate, [, new_key ]]]]]]]]]

Advanced Arguments

view = 0 or 1: controls whether the view is stored.

color = 0 or 1: controls whether colors are stored.

active = 0 or 1: controls whether activity is stored.

rep = 0 or 1: controls whether the representations are stored.

frame = 0 or 1: controls whether the frame is stored.

animate = seconds: controls the duration of the animation.

Development Ideas

Add support for save/restore of a certain global and object-and-state specific settings, such as: state, surface_color, ribbon_color, stick_color, transparency, sphere_transparency, etc. This would probably best be done by defining a class of “scene” settings which are treated in this manner. The current workaround is to create separate objects which are enabled/disabled differentially.

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