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“spectrum” colors atoms with a spectrum of colors based on an atomic property.


spectrum [expression [, palette [, selection [, minimum [, maximum [, byres ]]]]]]


expression = count, b, q, or pc: respectively, atom count, temperature factor, occupancy, or partial charge {default: count}

palette = string: palette name {default: rainbow}

selection = string: atoms to color {default: (all)}

minimum = float: {default: None (automatic)}

maximum = float: {default: None (automatic)}

byres = integer: controls whether coloring is applied per-residue {default: 0}


spectrum b, blue_red, minimum=10, maximum=50 

spectrum count, rainbow_rev, chain A, byres=1 


Available palettes include:

blue_green blue_magenta blue_red blue_white_green blue_white_magenta blue_white_red blue_white_yellow blue_yellow cbmr cyan_magenta cyan_red cyan_white_magenta cyan_white_red cyan_white_yellow cyan_yellow gcbmry green_blue green_magenta green_red green_white_blue green_white_magenta green_white_red green_white_yellow green_yellow green_yellow_red magenta_blue magenta_cyan magenta_green magenta_white_blue magenta_white_cyan magenta_white_green magenta_white_yellow magenta_yellow rainbow rainbow2 rainbow2_rev rainbow_cycle rainbow_cycle_rev rainbow_rev red_blue red_cyan red_green red_white_blue red_white_cyan red_white_green red_white_yellow red_yellow red_yellow_green rmbc yellow_blue yellow_cyan yellow_cyan_white yellow_green yellow_magenta yellow_red yellow_white_blue yellow_white_green yellow_white_magenta yellow_white_red yrmbcg

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