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button Command

  • button(button, modifier, action ) sets a button's function within the JyMOL workspace.


button = left, middle, right, wheel, double_left, double_middle, double_right, single_left, single_middle, or single_right

modifiers = None, Shft, Ctrl, CtSh, CtAl, CtAl, CtAS,

actions = None, Rota, Move, MovZ, Slab, +Box, -Box, Clip, MovS, +/-, PkAt, Pk1, MvSZ, Sele, Orig, Menu, PkAt, Pk1 RotO, MovO, MvOZ, MovA, PkAt, PkTB, MvSZ MvAZ, DrgM, RotZ, PkBd, ClpN, ClpF


jymol.cmd.button("left", "none", "box")

will set the function of the left button when no modifiers are pressed to selection by rectangular area.

See Also

button() works the same way as the PyMOL command button in the PyMOL api.

Note : Please look at the JyMOL Java API under the Cmd class to see a description of these parameter options.

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