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Mouse Controls

This section summarizes mouse actions available in the main 3D viewer window. It assumes that you have a “wheel” mouse where the wheel can be pressed down to generate a middle-click. A conventional three button mouse will work as well.

Alternate two button mouse and one button mouse modes are available as well, but they are not nearly as efficient. When using a laptop computer equipped with just a one or two button trackpad, it is usually necessary to connect an external mouse.

Basic Functions: 3-Button Viewing Mode

Advanced Functions: 3-Button Viewing Mode

You can switch mouse modes by selecting from the “Mouse” menu. Alternatively, you can click on the Mouse Mode indicator directly in the viewing window.

The following applies then the Mouse is in “3-Button Viewing” mode:

Expert Functions: 3-Button Editing Mode

PyMOL's molecular editing capabilities are still rudimentary, and so we suggest using other software to accomplish such tasks for the time being.

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