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  • dash_as_cylinders (bool, default: on) If true, distance measure dashes are drawn as high-quality cylinders instead of lines.
  • dash_color (color, default: -1) Controls the color of dashes used to represent distance measures.
  • dash_gap (float, default: 0.35) controls the length of the visible dash.
  • dash_length (float, default: 0.15) controls the separation between dashes.
  • dash_radius (float, default: 0.0) if greater than zero, controls the radius of the dash when ray tracing. Otherwise, the radius is computed from dash_width.
  • dash_round_ends (boolean, default: on) controls whether or not dashes are rounded on their ends.
  • dash_width (float, default: 3.0) controls the width of the lines used to draw dashes.
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