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“set” changes global, object, object-state, or per-atom settings.


set name [,value [,selection [,state ]]]


name = string: setting name

value = string: a setting value {default: 1}

selection = string: name-pattern or selection-expression {default:'' (global)}

state = a state number {default: 0 (per-object setting)}


set orthoscopic 

set line_width, 3 

set surface_color, white, 1hpv 

set sphere_scale, 0.5, elem C 


The default behavior (with a blank selection) is global. If the selection is “all”, then the setting entry in each individual object will be changed. Likewise, for a given object, if state is zero, then the object setting will be modified. Otherwise, the setting for the indicated state within the object will be modified.

If a selection is provided as opposed to an object name, then the atomic setting entries are modified.

The following per-atom settings are currently implemented. Others may seem to be recognized but will have no effect when set on a per-atom basis.

  • sphere_color
  • surface_color
  • mesh_color
  • label_color
  • dot_color
  • cartoon_color
  • ribbon_color
  • transparency (for surfaces)
  • sphere_transparency

Note that if you attempt to use the “set” command with a per-bond setting over a selection of atoms, the setting change will appear to take, but no change will be observed. Please use the “set_bond” command for per-bond settings.

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