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PyMOL v1.4

Documentation Under Construction

  • New 64-bit MacPyMOL allows Mac users to access more than 4 GB of memory
  • File > Save Molecule now allows saving of multiple files, multi-state PDBs to a single file, and multi-state PDBs to multiple files
  • Several bug fixes

PyMOL v1.4.1

  • Map reading now works on all platforms
  • Transparent ribbons – just set ribbon_transparency, 0.X like other transparency settings.
  • GLSL Shaders now support depth cueing/fogging
  • Introducing background gradient. “set bg_gradient”.
  • Map resolution read in as Angstroms, not 1/d^2, from MTZ file.
  • Elementary volume ray tracing; “set ray_volume”.
  • Many bug fixes.

Proposed for Future Release

  • New "ligalign" function for rigid and flexible ligand alignment, conserved residue detection and more
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