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JyMOL v1.1

JyMOL infrastructure has been modernized to allow us to more quickly port functions from PyMOL into JyMOL.

New Commands Added

  • bgRgb - Sets background color
  • button - Sets a button's function
  • setButtonMode - Sets the button mode. This allows for all mouse modes, including Editing and the emulation of Maestro.
  • mplay - stops/plays/toggles the movie
  • feedback - changes the amount of information output by pymol
  • rock - changes rock mode
  • mapNew - creates or updates a map object
  • turn - rotates the camera about one of the three primary axes, centered at the origin
  • get - gets one of JyMOL's built-in settings
  • getObjectNames - gets names of all or enabled objects
  • getRepsForObject - gets all representations that have been turned on specifically for a particular object
  • getRepsInSceneForObject - gets all representations for a particular object that have been turned on in a scene

New Features

Infrastructure Changes

New Reference Added

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